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Founded in 1096, Norwich School is one of Britain’s leading schools for pupils aged 7-18 and can also count itself as one of the oldest schools in the world. The school was founded in its original form by the first bishop of Norwich, Herbert De Losinga, with names of headmasters recorded without a break from 1240 to the present day. The school was re-founded as a grammar school by Edward VI in 1547, at which point the school became housed in buildings which it still uses to this day. Set in the Cathedral Close, Norwich School is characterised by strong, warm relationships and a profound appreciation of scholarship. At A-Level, pupils gained 86% A*- B grades in 2016, while at GCSE pupils achieved 91% A* - B. These results mean the school again produced the best results in Norfolk and Suffolk, although we continue to set ourselves high standards in the less tangible areas of an all-round education, too. In 2017, 15 pupils received offers to study at Oxford or Cambridge, representing 10% of the Upper Sixth. This reflects our placing as the 14th best school nationally for university destinations in 2016 (The Times School Guide, ‘Destination of Independent School Leavers’ table), with over 90% of leavers in 2016 securing places at their 1st or 2nd choice destination. Norwich School achieves exceptional results but we believe that an education for life is about more than statistics. Here we enjoy local character, beautiful surroundings and a remarkable history. Pupils, described as “cheerful, friendly and confident” (Good Schools Guide), and staff, who are “committed and enthusiastic” (Good Schools Guide), together create a supportive atmosphere and boys and girls benefit from specialised facilities and a broad curriculum. We encourage all pupils at Norwich School to contribute to the wider community. All pupils have a variety of opportunities to engage in charity and volunteer work, whether that be through the school’s community service programme or by supporting local, national and global charities.